Rossi Pecorino di Rocca

Cheese is an ancient nourishment. Its origin dates back to centuries, as a result to preserve milk from going off, keeping at the same time its nutritional properties.

A land so rich and full of traditions such as Tuscany is, abounds of many different and excellent kinds of sheep cheese. Therefore, it was a real challange to create a kind of cheese that would distinguish itself from the rest and truly "leave a mark".

Rossi believe that they have lived up to the challange itself being this young company been operating in the food industry for over fifty years. Rossi have created the "Pecorino di Rocca". The Tuscany born Pecorino di Rocca is a fabulous aged sheep's cheese made of milk and enzymes accurately selected. It has been worked with a secret recipe purposely created to season it in a perfect way, refined in Arezzo with passion and care. Pecorino di Rocca cannot be mistaken and cannot be forgotten.

Rossi has found the perfect recipe for the pecorino cheese but has slightly changed the taste so that the palate may discover new flavours and new sensations and may remain stupefied and amazed. So Rossi has varied the shape and the flavour of the pecorino cheese successfully mantaining the dictates of the ancient traditions but at the same time giving a brand new taste to one of the most Tuscany's ancient aliments.

The Pecorino di Rocca is available in many different sizes: 500 grams, 1000 grams, 2000 grams or even 12000 grams as the Grande Rocca. It is also available in different maturings: juniper, hay, black pepper or walnut leaves.

The paste of the Pecorino di Rocca is always white ans soft even in the twelfe kilogram format that matures up to eight months.

The taste is such that once you have a bite you cannot stop eating.

Pecorino di Rocca